The Future of In-Hall
Communities on Campus

HallHub is redefining communities on campus with a safe, controlled, and customizable digital platform for  event promotion and residence hall management

Who are you?


HallHub helps provide the best possible residence hall experience

Promote Social Events

Forget flyers. With HallHub, Resident Assistants and Hall Directors can post flyers to a digital billboard, making it easy to reach their residents

Promoting your events has never been easier! No printing necessary!

Event Promotion on Your Terms

Sick of printing out stacks of flyers? Dissatisfied with having to post your events to every social media platform just to get students to notice? We are too.

That's why we created HallHub - an app designed to make campus event promotion more convenient and effective.

Community Insight

Get to know your residents like never before with HallHub's Analytic Suite.

What sets HallHub apart?

Participation Multiplier

Multiply the impact of your events by driving participation the smart way. With HallHub, every ounce of time and money you spend on event programing is more likely to be appreciated by your students.
- Helping you build your communities while improving student outcomes.

Key Insights

HallHub illuminates key insights for RAs, hall directors, and campus administrators. With HallHub, you know exactly which types of events will drive different types of attendance.

Centralized Platform

More apps, more problems. That's why HallHub contains all the essential hall management features in one place, keeping your world simple while giving you the tools you need to succeed.

Controlled Communication

Communication with residents can be fraught with challenges. HallHub alerts are designed to let you communicate with residents in a safe, direct manner, without the hassle and distraction of group chats or emailing lists.

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